Oh The Crazy Things I Create

2013-01-29 20:20:27 by Rebel666

While Matt is busy with Madness stuff, I work on a lot of cosplay things. From prop guns to replicas, I like to make things with my hands. This year I am undertaking two big projects, one of them is a remote controlled Mako from Mass Effect and I should have that done within a month or two. The other I recently finished... which is a life-size version of Scootaloo's scooter from My Little Pony. Yes, I am a brony and yes Matt is too. Since I'm working on a Scootaloo costume, I wanted something cool to go with it. So I made this scooter... which actually works. I put skateboard trucks on it so you can actually roll around on it. Just thought I would share.

Oh The Crazy Things I Create


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2013-01-29 21:09:42

You guys are Bronies? :D
That's a surprise, it's always the people you least expect :P


2013-01-29 23:26:46

Bronies eh?
Contentment satisfied :)


2013-02-04 19:45:32

Oh the irony!