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Awesome Hunny Bunches of Oats

So glad you finished it. <3 YOU!

Stop That You Silly Rabbit

I liked it. Plain and simple.


Yay! It's out, it's awesome.

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So I made it to level 81

I made it to level 81 and then finally just stopped. Of course there is the lag even when picking up weapons. Primarily what I noticed is the difficulty wasn't going high enough. I would let Hank just stand there and my turrets still took out the guys and I wouldn't die because of everything being maxed out. I would bump up the difficulty just a bit especially for us that go all the way pass 80 or have a leader board for people who survive that long. Apart from that, the graphics look great. I liked even the small details like the mouse hole on the right side of the room. The customizable feature is a lot of fun. Definitely give that a thumbs up. Primarily I say get rid of the lag and maybe raise the difficulty a little near the 80s and this will be a top game.


My hand hurts!!! BooHoo! Anyway, love it! I'm doing that endurance and I did it nonstop, ow!!! I like those messages, it's what kept me going and laughing. My high score is... 6669. hehe

I'm hooked!

That was so much fun, I totally dig this game! Santa, presents, magic/fire balls, awesome. Keep up the great work.

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I cannot stop listening to this. Being a HUGE Mass Effect fan and an avid lover of dubstep, you have created one of the best ME songs out there. I have been sharing it with all my fellow ME costumers/cosplayers and all my friends who love ME because this is just spot on! Great job and keep making awesome tunes!

I liked it.

I don't care what others say but I liked it. It's the kind of music I'm into and it gives me something to listen to at work.

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This is pretty sweet! Good job with the clay! I know it can be a tough medium to work with.

PikaRobo responds:

It is, especially Sculpey III where everything breaks apart so easily. :(

I am the silent director for the Madness Combat series. I provide direction, storyboarding, & help get projects started. I was the mastermind who got the Project Nexus game going. I also am in charge of all the marketing/publicity for MC.

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